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Founders Profile

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Dr. M.A. Jayashree is a Professor and Head of the Department of Sanskrit at D.Banumaiah’s college in Mysore, Karnataka.
She holds a doctorate in Sanskrit from Bangalore University with a thesis on the “Concept of Mind in Indian philosophy”.

Dr. Jayashree has authored many books, monographs and papers in the fields of Sanskrit, Ancient Sciences, Indian History, Indian Culture and Music.
An accomplished teacher of spoken Sanskrit propagating learning of spoken Sanskrit through simple means, Dr Jayashree has a large following of overseas students in this field

Her special interests include discourses on Puranas, Tiruppavai & Philosophy, music and art. She is also the editor of ‘Itihasa Rasmi’, a journal on Indian History in Kannada.

In addition, she holds a Masters degree in Karnatic music, is an accomplished vocalist of classical South Indian Karnatic Music, and is a recognised, successful artist in the Mysore school of painting.

Most recently, Dr Jayashree presented a paper on “Gamaka in Manasollassa”, a Sanskrit encyclopaedic work, at the Thirteenth World Sanskrit Conference in Edinburgh, UK.

Sri. M.A.Narasimhan is the Director of the Anantha Research Foundation. He is a research scholar specializing in the field of Indian culture and the Sciences of ancient India.

Originally a science graduate, he holds Masters degrees in both Education and Sanskrit and is an advanced yoga practitioner.
Prof. Narasimha has authored books, monographs and papers in the field of Indian history, Science, Sanskrit and Philosophy. He is a contributing editor for journals such as Ithihasa Samachar, Ithihasa Rashmi, and Tattvadipa.

Currently, Prof. Narasimha is engaged in the investigation of cosmology in ancient Indian Texts and also in preparing a dictionary of Indian culture in ten volumes. He also teaches Transcendental Meditation.

Both Dr. Jayashree and Prof. Narasimha regularly participate in seminars and conferences across India on Indian Education, Science, Culture, and the role of Sanskrit in the Modern Age.