Yoga Sutra Workshops in EUROPE

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Sanskrit & Yoga Research Foundation, Mysore

Yoga Sutra Workshops in EUROPE

Yoga Sutra Workshops in EUROPE

1) 1-7 of April Dublin, Ireland with David Collins <[email protected]>

2) 7-9 of April Munich, Germany with brother M.A.Srinivasan <[email protected]>

3) 10-11-12 of April Cologne, Germany with Bea Te <[email protected]>

4) 13 to 22 back to Munich, Germany to stay with brother M.A.Srinivasan.

5) 23-26 of April Holland, Natherlands with Claudia Pradella
<[email protected]>

6) 27 to 3 of May Helsinki, Finland with Anne Nuotio <[email protected]>

7) 4-7 May Stockholm with Alex <[email protected]>

8 ) 8-10 of May Gotenburg, Sweden with Olle Bengtström <[email protected]>

9) 11-14 May free

10) 15-17 of May Copenhagen, Denmark with Susanna and Jens <[email protected]>

11) 18 to 28 of May Milan, Italy with Elena <[email protected]>

12) 29-30-31 of May Oviedo, Spain with Nuno Olivera <[email protected]>